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In 2014, we established an ultra-modern factory which

enables us to have total quality control, as we want to manage

ourselves all the stages of production process from beginning to end.

The factory has been created in accordance with the latest standards (certified with ISO22000), in the heart of our olive groves.



Our family has been cultivating olive trees for many years.

Our grand parents had planted the first olive tree and within a few years, the father, Εlias, together with the mother, Efstathia, managed to create one of the best and biggest olive groves in Central Greece.

Their sons, Giannis and Thodoris, standarize and package the family's olive oil and olives in their new state of the art factory using the latest technology techniques, while respecting the tradition and having highest quality as first priority.


Our trees mean the world to us.

We plant, water, prune and clean them,

collect the fruits and select them one by one.

We make the olive oil, package it in our bottles

and share the experience of tasting it with the world.


We want to share with the world the experience of tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives

right from the Producer. 

Directly from That tree.

Straight from our Own land.