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Let us unveil you the olive oil secrets! For decades our Family listens to the land, listens to the voice of the olive trees....and is ready to share with you the secret of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil... The secret of the Purity, which stays far away from admixtures.

Straight from the Producer. 


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • exerts a protective effect against cancer, especially in the areas of stomach, breast, skin and lungs,

  • prevents diabetes,

  • sets the function of the brain and cardiorespiratory, and thus reduces the chances of heart attack and stroke,

  • combats depression,

  • improves meory and speech,

  • protects infants from mental retardation,

  • shows protective qualities against ulcers,

  • has numerous other properties that make it the ultimate superfood.


Our Knowledge


Olive Oil is inextricably linked to ancient Greece.

Greece and Olive Oil are one.


According to Greek Mythology, the first tree was planted by Hercules in Ancient Olympia.

From that same tree, Hercules cut the brunch with which honored his brother as a symbol of victory, courage and honor, after his victory in a race. 

Since then, the winners of Olympic Games are crowned with an olive branch.


The olive tree is perennial. Its symbolism resists through the ages.

Once Athenians were asked to chose who whould be their patron God.

Poseidon offered them the water. He strucked his trident on the Acropolis rock and water gushed forth.

Athena offered them an olive tree, as a symbol of wisdom.

Athena won.


Today the olive branch symbolizes peace, hope and wisdom.

The UN emblem includes a wreath of crossed olive branches.


Our Family, brings all the above to your home.

Introduce yourself to your new life companion. 

Introduce yourself to Moschos Extra Virgin Olive Oil.